Starting tomorrow you can literally be more fit at age 40, 50, or even 73 than you were at age 22.

Have you ever felt like there’s a conspiracy to keep you out of shape? Confused about which workout to do or even the food you put in your mouth?

Personal Training Nyack FitnessHi there, Jeff Castaldo here with a timely message for busy people who truly want to get in shape..

I’m sure you’d agree that finding practical information YOU can use to achieve your health and fitness goals is extremely difficult.

There’s so many mixed messages – are carbs good, or bad? What about fat? And is cholesterol really as bad as we think? Longer cardio sessions, or shorter high intensity workouts? See what I mean?

Mass media doesn’t make it any easier. Celebrities endorse everything from miracle pills to shoes that will shape you up while you walk and doctors promote all kinds of diets and exercise philosophies.

There’s no doubt it’s confusing – that’s why people come to Nyack Fitness.

Not only will you get in shape, but you get an education to go with it.

Simply put, it means you know how to make better food choices – you’ll know the what to eat after a long day of skiing or while out to dinner with friends. You won’t have a problem sorting through hype, and you won’t get fat eating packaged foods labeled “healthy” like so many others.

They say “knowledge is power.” However the difference is not what each person knows it’s how he or she makes use of that knowledge – that’s why I’m writing!

A fork in the road.

One choice is doing what you’ve likely been doing…and we know what the result of that has been. However right in front of you is a very unique opportunity: getting and applying the right knowledge. In other words, your own specific exercise program.

Because personal training is personalized – you not only get results driven kick butt workouts, but the education YOU need for optimum health.

If you’re like me and many of my clients you have a full time career and probably a full time parent, so at any given time your head is in about 17 places at once.

If you want results but don’t want it to take forever we’ve got you covered.

Nyack Fitness Jeff CastaldoFor starters our trainers are always punctual and on time. We also keep detailed notes on our clients – which we keep confidential. This ensures each workout is tailored to your goals and part of a bigger plan.

More importantly, we’re about principles NOT fads. When you walk into our gym you won’t find aisles of gimmicky workout machines or anyone that looks like they’re training for a Jersey Shore or Real House Wives casting call.

Plus what happens if you’re nursing an injury? Most instructors that teach popular classes like Zumba might not have the answers…However if you want today’s workouts, done at your own pace and designed specially, just for you – Nyack Fitness is the answer. Plus everyone has a background in sports rehab so if you’re nursing an injury we’ll tailor your workouts to get you back to normal health – quickly.

How to Get In the Zone?

Want more endurance for the tennis, or basket ball court? We can do it.

Want more power and control of your golf game? Do personal training…

If you don’t play sports but are committed to reaching your fitness goals – even re-inventing yourself, come to Nyack Fitness.

For most of my clients – health isn’t always at the top of their to do list. Maybe it’s a helping your kids with their science project, making dinner, managing a work project that requires burning the mid-night oil…people come to Nyack Fitness simply because…

We do the thinking for you.

And, there’s much more accountability when you are working with your own coach versus trying to psych yourself up to “get to the gym.”

Personal training at Nyack Fitness isn’t a chore but something you’ll look forward to. And why wouldn’t you, if you’re feeling good and getting results?

  • Many women look better now than on their wedding day.
  • Clients are buying new clothes because their current wardrobe is too big.
  • Couples doing personal training together often find that their friends have a hard time keeping up with them.
  • And others are getting great reports from their doctors like lower blood pressure, increasing good cholesterol and beating Diabetes.

When my clients say they “feel better” it’s not because they just feel good but because we produce measurable results – guaranteed.

Most clients don’t come in because their doctor said, “start exercising or you’re gonna die!” But they didn’t get glowing feedback at their last check up, so it’s more about prevention – something we help people with often.

In essence proper exercise and nutrition is about life extension – it keeps your joints healthy and prevents things like arthritis.

Don’t you want to be able to kick the ball around with your kids or grand kids?

Everyone does that’s why there’s no better time to at least book a FREE Evaluation today.

If you’ve never done personal training then you have no idea what it can do for you.


guaranteeAssuming you are not already an “athlete.” I guarantee you measurable results in these areas in 30 days or YOU DON’T OWE ME A DIME.

  • Body Fat Reduction
  • Strength
  • Muscle Mass
  • Health Records ( blood pressure, cholesterol)

To Get Started Contact Me for Your FREE Fitness Evaluation and Session.

If you want to make this your best year ever in terms of fitness and health, don’t wait, other wise it will be December and another year will have gone by and you’ll be wishing you did.

I’m not writing to make miracle claims promising instant results, if you want that there’s all kinds of wonder juices and miracle pills you can buy for $39.99.

But…if you truly want to achieve your best level of fitness – and want to KNOW what you may do to live healthier in this fast paced world, then I’m sure we can help you.

Thanks for visiting my site,

Jeff Castaldo, Owner NyackFitness.
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